regarding verbal misbehaviour

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Mantri square Mall

I used to go to Mantri square mall since 1 year…..we all friend used to celebrate birthdays here as mall is a place to do so.till the past month we were doing so.but on the date sun 3rd jun 2012 we were not allowed to cut the cake and we were said to throw it out. despite of requests and requests the cleaning satff was not ready to do so…..also when I contacted face to face with the mannagement office the manager responded to it earlier and then
when i requested him that sir,we are celebrating birthday here and we are not being allowed to cut the cake….despite of the requests that we will not litter around and nothing will be disturbed as mall is a place to celebrate the birthdays……he said that he was not aware of the fact so he said us to wait for a minute…..after that he talked on the wireless and then he also forbade us to do so…when i inquired about the reason then he said that management has not allowed to do so.after that i said that sir earlier it was not so and i requested him to allow us.i also said that where we will go with the cake now. then he angered and said that do you understand english or not even when i was talking in english ……i also requested him sir please listen to you customers also we are not saying you to anger then he told my friend that take away him man…i asked him that management has not allowed to do so then i want to ask from higher authorities ….then he said that I am the management and I am the highest official.I also said that sir please do not behave like this with the customers,they are like God…..then he said us to go and do whatever we want to
……If mall officials and staffs will behave like this in a rubbish manner then how will the consumers be satisfied …everyday such incident may happen with every 10th people then also no action will be taken that will not go in the interest of consumers.even i said that if you are not allowing to cut just a birthday cake then you must not allow to carry them inside the mall.then only we will know the rule.if the rule is rule then staffs and officials should not behave like rude and unfair to consumers if the consumers are not rude….please any thing must be done in this case…….please respond

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