Regarding service quality and manufacturing defects

I have bought Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 flicker, on December 04, 2016. Ever since I got it I had been maintaining it properly by regular service and also done in authorised Enfield service centres. I had to change the Chain of my vehicle at 4500 km. Everyone at home laughed at me saying that I bought a bike for 1.7 lakhs and had to change crucial parts less than a year. It also came with manufacturing defect that I had complained earlier to the company that the headlight points way downwards. That is the concentrated mass of high beam light is apparently 5 to 10 feet away from the vehicle.
Every time I go to the service station they told me the parts are in repairable and replaced. The oil seal for front shock was replaced thrice for which I had to pay more than 500 rupees every time. Sometimes they forget tasks to do even after mentioning it in the job card. For a person like me I have to travel for about 45 km to reach service station this is the kind of service I get. In the past service they had CHANGED rear brake pads, saying that they were worn off. Ever since the rear break jams and the disc gets super hot. Isn’t the bike for long rides..?? When I ask why it happens they say “things break off even the day after service”. If the company cannot produce quality products why are they making them and feeding the customers with bad quality service.?
Not the vehicle had run 15040 km and I had to change the chain again. I had contacted the known service stations they said company couldn’t supply chains, so I have to change the whole chain spoket. Chain costs around 650 rupees whereas the whole chain spoket costs 3000 rupees including labour charge. I’m writing with a lot of pain that a loyal costumer like me had been taken for granted. I pay three to four time more than the other company bikers but here is the service I get.
Wheels had to be greased in the 9th month from purchase. I feel bad hearing people say that why your vehicle always have a problem?
I feel disgusted that being a costumer of a Pre knowned company and had to hear comments like these in day to day life. My father always points out why did you spend lot of money in buying it and spending a lot more in maintaining it.
I’m writing it with a disgraced heart, hoping someone could address my issue.

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