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Location/place: Ahmedabad Gujarat

Name of company/service: Rich Infra Developers India Ltd

Location/place: Ahmedabad,Gujarat
Name of company/service: Rich Infra Developers India Ltd.
Hell SIr!,I have worked with Rich Infra Developers India Ltd June 2012 just one month But I left the Job Due to There behaviour& Product etc.they have not given my salary for 40days of last month as i have the offer letter at the time of interview they have not discuss about the target and as i got my offer letter on hand after one week of my joining and now when i ask them about salary they are not giving me positive reply and asking about the target they have cheated many person like me they are also we me right now ,i need my payment ,please help me.please take the immidiate action against this company Mahendra Rajput (Branch Manager) 09909030418 My Immediate Senior’s Ph No

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