regarding replacement of refrigerator

Location/place: panipat haryana

Name of company/service: godrej

dear sir
i am satanand mishra and have bought refrigerator of godrej double door before 10 month but i am facing more problem . in my refrigerator there is more problem i have complained more than 10 times for different different problems, engineer attend the refrigerator and solves the problem but within a month new problem created then again complaint ,engineer visit problem solve ,again new problem and so on . this refrigerator having some internal design problem, how can i manage this by monthly facing facing problems .

so further i don’t want maintenance of my refrigerator i want only replacement because monthly complaint in a refrigerator is not ignorable this big design fault caused by godrej company

1 problem faced by me and complained in last 10 months
2 compressor not working
3 flow problem in freezer section (upper door)
4 more water releasing inside the refrigerator as my refrigerator is frost free
5 ice cube formation in vegetables even then regulator of refrigerator is in lowest (1) position
6 freezer fan stopped working
7 refrigerator bulb fused
8 abnormal sound periodically

pls respond me as soon as possible for my complaint

satanand mishra
panipat haryana

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