Regarding online transaction between tata docomo and hdfc bank

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Tata Docomo ans HDFc bank


I am Uday Sankar Basak, a Tata Docomo customer and HDFC savings bank account holder.
This complaint is regarding online tata docomo recharge to the mobile number 9046168581 from the account

number 03671610015098 through HDFC Bank net banking with transaction number “TATA DOCOM-MHDF2895752116”

dataed 14th Jan 2013

Here is the brief description of the issue:

I recharged my mobile account with Rs 110 and got rs 120 talktime in my mobile on 14th Jan 2013. On 17th Jan

2013, I could see that the amont of Rs 110 has been credited in my bank account with same transaction id with

prefix “Ref” (Ref-TATA DOCOM-MHDF2895752116-14-01-13) and same amount has been (Rs 120 talktime) deducted

from my mobile account balance.

On 15th April 2013, I could see again Rs 110 has been deducted from my HDFC Bank account with same

transaction number (Rev-TATA DOCOM-MHDF2895752116-17-01-13). I asked for clarification to the bank as well as

Tata docomo. But they did not agree to pay me back.

Response from Tata Docomo:

Please be informed that a complain on the above issue was registered on 26-05-2013 with docket number

PRRG12828560 and as per the closure of the complaint on 27-05-2013 by our concerned team we would like to

inform you that Rs 110 has already been credited in your bank account on 16-01-2013.Since the payment has

already been refunded, we would request to contact the bank and seek their advice on credit of the reversed


Response from HDFC bank:

We would like to inform you that due to some technical issue at billers end, transaction initiated by you on

14/01/2013 for Rs. 110.00 was erroneously refunded by in your account on 17/01/2013 . In order to recover

the erroneously credited amount your A/c no. was debited on 15/04/2013 for Rs. 110.00 .

Kindly check the same at your end.


1. Tata docomo is saying that Rs 110 has already been credited in my bank account for that recharge.
Same time, bank is saying that the amount was erroneously refunded by in my account

Here my question is Who is correct?
And my answer is no one is correct here, both are cheating with me.

2. How could bank deduct any amount from my bank account with out my authentication?

This is totally illlegal to deduct any amount from my account without any authentication.

I will request you to look into this issue and take a proper action against these to Company.
I beleave that I would get a proper resolution from you and awaiting for that.

Thanks in advance. Jai Hind

Uday Sankar Basak
Contact# 7829844378

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