Regarding No response and false commitments by club mahindra since last 5 months

I have been chasing club mahindra employees since last 6 months no one is giving any kind of proper response monthly EMIs ate getting deducted from my account and if i ask i ask about my applicable offers they are giving us false hopes to wait whenever i have mailed them and asked for revert on my mails i have never ever got any kind of revert from them.

These are the mails thread i have been sending them,

Dated 14/11/2019
To: [email protected] Cc: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected];
Dear Mahindra Club,
You don’t deserve any greetings implies your worst service and employees!!!

I don’t know actually in what language I will have to explain you all my issues as none of my concerns are ever sorted as per proper procedure, employees are best in in giving false commitments and none of them have ever met at their end. Again I am giving you all issues

My 7 complimentary nights are not visible in my app details.
For my I Phone as per offer I am following up for same since last 5 months.
I have to transfer my membership to brother.
Gold vouchers is not provided.
Exchange Vouchers still not provided till date.

I don’t know how you all are working, are these your organisation ethics as far as I am involved in Mahindra the work procedure and ethics I have come through are appreciating, employees like I have been dealing with are taking the Mahindra hospitality sector I think no where.
The most simple thing to complete the tasks is only to tell the procedure behind that task which is most of the time set fixed in FAQs and policies. And the time to be taken behind that task as per the convenience of the person doing the task but after that convenient time another time frame comes that also passes away then another, I don’t think any of my task which are of my concern can take more than 5 months which you all have taken.

I am taking this forward.
Please look in to it as soon as possible.

Thanks & regards,
Dr Neeraj Verma

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From: dheeraj verma
Sent: 10 September 2019 17:50
To: [email protected]
Cc: Dr.neeraj verma
Subject: Fwd: Regarding my membership 2807684 plan change and benifts application

Dear Mahindra Club,

Please look in to my issue which is long pending from last 4 months, none of your executive is good for nothing they only have excuses the girl named nisha I was talking to told my all issues to her and mailed her as well says I am not the one you would have been talking to, by seeing this I think what kind of cheap executives you all are having in such a prestigious organization, my issues are not sorted till now I haven’t used my membership any day till now.
No response as usual after the commitment as well.
I am left with only option of tweeting Mr Anand for same with all attachments.


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From: dheeraj verma
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2019, 6:36 pm
Subject: Regarding my membership 2807684 plan change and benifts application
Cc: Dr.neeraj verma

Dear Mahindra Club,

My membership id is 2807684 my membership started in may 2018 and my EMIs as finalized started in same month till now I have paid only 4 EMIs due to some critical issues I am able to continue with same plan and want EMI plan to be changed and as per my plan I was to get 2 complementary nights, coupons and an iPhone and as per my payments I have not completed 6 EMIs till now.
Please help me in changing my existing payment plan and also please shift my applicable benefits by next one year as my family is going through some critical issues.

Kindly help and address my issues.


Dheeraj Verma

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