Regarding misselling by giving misleading, wrong and fake promises & information by Reliance Life Insurance

Location/place: Vadodara, Gujarat

Name of company/service: Reliance Life Insurance

Dear Sir,

I have been trying to draw attention of Reliance to my problem where I have purchased 3 no Policies for self, wife & Sister based on promises and information given by few so called reliance employees.

Right now I have not received any BOND DOCUMENTS as promised by them and while discussing with reliance customer care on phone helpline that there is no such plan which can give 15000 as pension till 99 years and the complete plan is bogus.

Based on the feedback I had put and email to reliance life customer care ids on 7th and 13th July 2012.

1 Marutisinh M. Raj (self),Policy no 19858634, Premium amount paid 50,000 Rs
2 Minal M. Raj (Wife), policy no 19858653, premium paid – 50,000 Rs,
3 Rupalben M. Raj (Sister) Policy no 19913629, Policy amount-30,000 Rs

Till now there is no response on my emails regarding the complaint.

As advised by Reliance customer care and understood from him that there is no such plan which was offered to me from some people who sold me policy and the initial documents received by me are the final documents other then which I will not get anything else as promised called BOND PAPERs signed by IRDA.

I feel I am cheated by making fake promises by the reliance Insurance advisor/agent who contacted me and gave fake promises. The Agent/Broker code on my policy documents is written as 21250358 and name is printed as “.Swadeshi Insurance Agency”. ( Name of the lady was Kashsih Khanna claiming to be from Relaince and the contact no is 9899095311 and landline was 011 33241428.)

Now the agent keep on telling me that you will get the policy documents by next month and keep on giving fake dates when I do followup with them.

Need urgent help and attention from customer care so that I can get justice. The broker had promised that you will get guaranteed amount of 3,45,000 after 5 years on yearly premium payment of 50,000 for 5 years. Alongwith that the policy was having 2,25,000 Rs mediclaim inbuilt, 12500 commission back to me within 1 month, 3 Lakh accidental & 6 Lakh accidental death benefit.15000 Rs per year till 99 years in case I keep the 50,000 Rs invested in the company.

Request your support in this matter and get me the premium paid for all 3 policies back.

Awaiting your positive earliest response.

My email id is [email protected] and mobile no 9879565025 in case required to contact me.


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