Regarding Job cheat or fraud

Location/place: Siliguri

Name of company/service: U.P.

Hello Sir,

This is my second complaint against fraud or cheat made to me by two different companies. From this company a man made me a call saying that if i want to change field then they can provide me the job, but i have to register it my names and pay Rs. 5000 for bank job. The member’s names as per him was Rohit Sing/Kuldeep Singh.

After i registered and paid the amount the next day i got a call saying the they do provide a job, but only modify the resume for us. I informed everything about the call, but they are saying sorry and that is all.

I have the mobile records of three persons of the’s member. If needed i can provide it.

Please help me or show me some way to get rid of them.

Thanking you,

My email id is [email protected]

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