Regarding flight ticket

Location/place: chennai

Name of company/service: Cleartrip

Dear sir,
My name is Anjanish Sharma, i am working in chennai. i planned my travel to my native place lucknow on 8th of november by, and i got confirmation through email also and my confirmaton id of cleartrip was 1207153278, after booking these tickets i booked my returning ticket two day later its also got confirmed, after 4hrs i got a call from cleartrip that your ongoing air india flight AI569 has been cancelled so we are going to refund your ticket,then i called air india they told no flight has been cancelled and when i verified my booking with air india they told no booking has been confirmed on my name, then i again called cleartrip ,initially they told that again that flight has been cancelled but when i told him that i already had a discussion with air india then they accepted yes the flight has not been cancelled actually there was a technical problem with cleartrip that why your ticket has not been booked, when i told them that i already booked returning flight from lucknow and my all money will go waste then they said i couldnt not help you, i requested them alot but they havnt helped me, sir it was problem from cleartrip and they were bluffing with me by saying that flight has been cancelled, later on they said that they will refund my money an it will come back in my account after 7 days, sir right now in my account only 6000 rs are available, me a my wife ticket cost yesterday was 10,696 and today its 11,500rs and after 7 days when my money will come back in my account then ticket cost will be more than 17-18,000, then how would i book my ticket and if i am cancel my journey then my return ticket will be waste and this return ticket is non-refundable so i will get on 5,000 thausands rupees back on the place of 12,000. sir please help me , i am in big trouble because of cleartrip.
My mobile no – 9600455536

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