Regarding false commitments to ‘Olivia’ member for your Hotel Booking

Location/place: Korba (Chhattisgarh)

Name of company/service: Govt.Service

That Manager,
Mayura Hotel,

Kind attention : Mr. Amit Manager Hotel Mayura Raipur.

Sub: Regarding false commitments to ‘Olivia’ member for your Hotel Booking.

Ref: 01. OLIVIA Card No.22220548 valid till 03/2013.
02. Telephonic talk with you & ‘Olivia’ member representative Mr. Ashwani.

It is very deep regret to inform & write regarding the ‘Olivia’ membership given to me by M/s Hotel Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi, to whom you have authorized for marketing & making ‘Olivia’ members behalf of your hotel.

Please go through the points mentioned below very carefully & outcome and decision taken by your management let me know/reply immediately.

Undersigned is member of “Olivia” since last consecutive three years (member ship No. mentioned above). This is my bad luck that this year also I have done the same mistake as before and come in the influence talks of Mr. Bhanu representative of M/s Hotel Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi. He committed & given so many attractions, which are as follows and same was straight way refused at your hotel to do so.

01. All the non consumed coupons of last years of ‘Olivia’ membership can be used this year.
02. The 50 % discount of two complimentary stay coupons of last year can be used this year for 01 complimentary stay coupon along with fresh for 01 complimentary stay coupon of this year.
03. Check-out time shall be 24 hours for me.

On this commitment I had taken the member ship this year also which was my big foolishness to believe on such false commitments. Anyhow accordingly I have request to book 01 day booking on 29th April 2012 (Please see my booking entry in your hotel system lazar) againeat the point No.02 as per above only.

First of all it is also to clear here that the services of your hotel is not satisfactory, which I observed Last year trip when I could miss my Raipur – Bangalore flight on 06-03-2011 due to very non cooperation attitude at your reception counter. As per commitment the pick-up & drop from Airport is complimentary but your hotel had not provided me vehicle & I had gone private taxi and it is very markable point that that taxi was arranged by your hotel reception it self & I paid 700 Rs extra just to drop air port. This clearly shows some understanding between your hotel & private taxi service provider.

So this type of mis management is going on in your prestigious hotel since long & making customer fool.
Any way My clarification in this regard is as follows, which I required reply on urgent basis.

01. Have you given right to M/s Hotel Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi for above commitments?

02. If yes, than why it is refused form your end for my 29th April 2012 room booking. If not then why they had committed me like that, after all they are authorized by you only.

03. Why complimentary Airport drop had not provided to me on 06-03-2011 as per your hotel rules/commitment & insisted /advised me at your hotel counter reception to take private taxi on hire basis.

Looking to all above,

Please cancel my ‘Olivia’ member ship for this year & return by deposited amount of Rs.5,700/- approx. immediately.

If the member ship not cancelled & amount is not returned immediately, please forward your reply letter / mail with full details, which is record for me to act & approach legally to consumer form/court end finally.




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