regarding defective tata nano car

Location/place: Deoghar

Name of company/service: Tata Motors

i am very loyal and dedicated customer of tata motors. I booked a Tata Nano Model no. LX BS3 on 20042009 by paying Rs. 140000/- as advance through state bank of india, main branch, Deoghar in the name of my mother Mrs. Punam Devi with much hope and excitement. The application form no. was 113364729. We got the delivery of the vehicle on 26/02/2010 through Classic Automobiles, Dhanbad(Chasis No. MAT6122519YP15921, Engine No. 273MPFI01PQZE15567) by paying the rest amount Rs. 47048/- in cash to them. The vehicle No. is JH15E 0747.
Since we have bought the car, we are having continous problems. Actually the vehicle is having Several manufacturing defects which could not be repaired till date. We have taken the vehicle atleast 10- 12 times to classic automobiles, deoghar for getting it rectified. Atleast the vehicle has gone 4 times on toe as it was completely broken down. The service centre is not having sufficient spares and trained staffs also. Everytime they have kept the vehicle for many days to get it repaired.
My car was having problem of acceleration since 2 months. Even the centre lock and front power window is defective. It is also having startup problem. I was continuously complaining the Manager of Classic Automobiles workshop, deoghar (Mr. SNP Singh, Mobile NO. 9334614958). He told me continuously that he will inform me to bring the vehicle once the parts arrives. But even after giving him continuous reminders, he never arranged for the parts. Atlast i had no option but i took the vehicle with much difficulty to the service centre and left the vehicle at Classic automobiles so they could rectify the problem on 7/08/2012. Their job no. is 590 dated 08082012. When i called the service centre on 09082012, then one of the technician named saket told me that the engine of the car is ceased and it will take long time to repair. Then when i contacted again Mr. SNP Singh on 11/08/2012, he told me that there is no problem with the engine but with the clutch, and parts will arrive in 2-3 days. The vehicle is much needed to us as it is the only means of conveyance for us and we are suffering a lot since 2 years since we have purchased the vehicle.
We are not ready to take the vehicle anymore as it is having several manufacturing defects. Please refund my hard earned money at the earliest. I am also ready to take a higher model of your brand and pay the difference amount.
If my matter is not solved quickly, my entire faith on the company will be shaken and i will be forced to move to the court of law to seek justice.

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