Regarding Calls to recover dues of Credit Card which i never used

Location/place: Noida

Name of company/service: ICICI Bank Ltd

HI Sir,

I am getting calls from ICICI bank executieves, they are asking me the dues on a card which i never used. They are saying that i used their card when i was was working in lucknow. I have never did any job in lucknow and when i was in lucknow, i was an student. I started my first job from Gurgaon till then i am in Noida NCR. I never worked in Lucknow.
Now I am writing one scenario, please consider this as well

I applied for Card loan from ICICI bank and they refused my Loan saying that CIBIL report is saying that you have 38000RS due on ICICI Bank Credit Card. I od not have any dues on ICICI Bank card, and if CIBIL is saying that, then please confirm in your records, they confirmed in their records and found that i used only one card of ICICI bank and on that card i have approx 100 RS in plus on ICICI bank. And after verification thay approved my card.

And calls gets stopped and again they started calling me regarding same. And the way these executives talk is not genuine.

Please Consider this as my Complaint.
Thanks in Adavance

Amit Dwivedi

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