regading worst unit provided

Location/place: kanpur

Name of company/service: Reliance Digital

it is to i form you that we purchased a Hitachi AC on 26th of jan,2012 from reliance digital.
since then we are encountering some or the other problem in the same. we lodge a complain in the reliance digital, and it take much time for the engg to visit. after he mends it, within few a days again a new problem arises. on the other hand the behavior of the personnel of the companies are also rude towards us. when we demanded for the change of the unit, they simply said it is no possible.
till now we have not been satisfied by the company and we are encountering new problems again and again.
since jan we have not been able to use are AC since it is faulted.
i would be highly obliged if you take a quick action against the company because once the warranty period expires they wont do anything.
i would be highly obliged if you can make our unit replaced.
waiting for your action.
thanking you

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