Reg authorised travel agents in J&K

Location/place: Rajasthan

Name of company/service: Tanishq Travels, Kathua, Jammu

Dear sir,
I am planning to visit J&K in month of june. Total tour cost is around Rs 90,000/-. I have contacted a travel agent “Tanishq Travels, Kathua, Jammu”.
As per the payment terms, I need to make 50% advance payment (45000/- in advance) for booking confirmations.
As I got the details of travel agent online, i must check that the agent is not fraud. For this I checked online a lot. I couldnt get any information on other national tours or Kashmir tours websites (e.g. in approved/certified travel agents list), although they have many websites, multiple office locations in India, proper bank details and owner has a facebook account too.
It looks really strange that at one of the best tourist place of India, we don’t even have a rating/approval/certification or atleast a list of travel agents available locally.
Can you kindly help me to find such data so that I can ensure myself that my money is not going in wrong hands.

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