Refusing to process the refund


This is in regards to recent orders placed on Zomato. Order IDs are 1684398746 and 1160198969. When I placed an order initially from the same restaurant for the same items, the payment for 1684398746 did not go through and which is why I had to place a fresh order for the same items again from the same restaurant. This time the payment went through and for my surprise, I saw both the orders in process. Now, for me as an individual, I cannot eat both the orders. So I decided to cancel one of them and it was prompting that the order would be cancelled but the amount would not be refunded. But at this stage, I couldn’t see an option to contact any of the support executives till I chose the option of not refund but cancellation. My hard earned Rs. 111/- is with these cheaters now where they do not have the brains of thinking logically what will one guy do with two orders and he was left with no other option than cancel.

Zomato has played smart here by not giving an option to contact support till you cancel the order with no refund and when we consumers contact them for the refund, they will not process it. And this al happened within 2 mins after I placed the order. Now to think logically here again, which restaurant will prepare order within 2 mins once the order is placed. This is how these guys are looting. For this instance it’s only one consumer that is me but there may be hundreds and thousands of them falling prey to these cheaters.

I hope I will get a positive resolution to this issue. A refund of Rs.111/- will suffice as a resolution.

Shashikant Chavan

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