refused physical possession of flat asking for club membership payment

Location/place: delhi

Name of company/service: Tdi Infrastructure ltd ( builder & developers )

I have been alloted a flat in kingsbury tdi kundli sonipat in sept 2006.The company supposed to give possession in 3 years in the year 2009 but offered in 2012.Now they are asking to pay club membership before physical possession.I have builder buyer agreement of company in which it was not mentioned anywhere the club membership to be pay before possession.The agreement clearly laid timings for construction link payment till possession.The club membership is non refundable as well as non transferable.It means in future the club members will be multi fold then the no of flats as every time the flat sale take place the new member will be added as the old owner will remain the member of club.The company refused to give possession & also will impose penalty like holding & refurbishment for not taking possession.

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