Refusal to see Emergency Patient

Location/place: Dilshad Colony

Name of company/service: Chowdhary Eye Centre and Laser Clinic

My brother came home with a swollen eye. He complained pain in his right eye, and in the nerves running behind it in the head. I live in D-55, Dilshad Colony. I took him to the eye specialist doctor who sits right next to our apartment in D-54. At first, his receptionist refused to go tell the doctor about the emergency case. After certain pressure from the patients sitting there, my neighbour uncle, and myself, she went and talked to the doctor. While the doctor was seeing my patient, I was asked to stay out to pay his fees. I was obviously concerned, and irritated at the previous refusal, and told her the same. The doctor came out and shouted, “I refuse to see him. ” He didn’t even know what was going outside. Apparently, he thinks he is GOD, and can act as his will commands,and has no respect for his profession, and humanity. He doesn’t deserve to be a Doctor.

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