Manoj D Pipaliya, is a member of Country Club since 21/09/2015 with membership # CVKW82KL30L627 , but I would like to say the country club is one of the worst company in this domain with cheating aspects.
Since beginning, of interaction we have received one phone call that you won one voucher for holidays but you need to come to branch, we travelled 49 kms from my residence to Kuwait city and they convinced for membership, we found it is good hence we have purchased for membership with lot of LOLIPOPS given by company.
Next year in March 2016, we went to Dubai and for Dubai I have approached branch before 2 months of travel for assistance to get accommodation in Dubai, immediately they refused that we can’t as for Dubai rule is different for booking i.e. for any other places you have to book before 1 month while for dubai you have to book before 3 months – the same thing was not conveyed during registration and then after and ultimately we visited Dubai without contryclub facility even we were member of countryclub and this was first cheat with me by Countryclub organisation.

After registration, up to some time we have been receiving Cake on birthday etc as per policy, but after march 2016 not a single time branch has approached or any service except balance payments, and directly they approached and came for payment rest no service.

In June 2017, I have referred my friend for Country club but the agent has cheated both of us and he didn’t enter my name as reference so we lost both the benefit for reference of 100 kds.

After July 2017, the office number found in switch off condition, even Mr Mohammed Samad (Branch Manager) also haven’t replied on Mobile. I have approached to Head branch from helpline number and register a complain to discontinue the membership, they replied please write email and there is policy to discontinue etc and go to branch, when I told I am calling from Kuwait and nobody is here then they replied that we will ask to contact you and resolve query but nobody called even after somany calls to helpline.

And after so long time in November 2017 I have received a call from a new employee regarding branch and I told the story and I told I will register a complain to Grahak Suraksha Mandal/Consumer forum etc, that guy has replied gently and told you will get reimbursement of your money on cancellation and he send his new Branch Manager. But his Branch Manager has tried to convince me with property etc but once I told this all are from my home location etc and I can not so I want only cancellation, that Manager replied me hard by words (threatened) that do whatever you want, but you will not get any money even I told that I have referred some cases but he refused by saying that nobody could get as per policy etc. (name Mr Mukesh Maral)

Since beginning I have never use my any of service in kuwait or any other packages, so there is nothing that I have used my any service even after 2.5 years (how much of interest would be there?) I am not asking anything else, only I want my money in Kuwait with cancellation of service.

even during enrollment branch manager (KUWAIT- mr Mohammad Abdul Samad) and team have kept hidden lot of things and made lot of promises which were breached by next team using words of policy.

do the needful and cancelled my registration with full reimbursement of my 980 kds + time delay as well. (since long i am following on customer care- country club +914067484444)

I have emailed to [email protected] for request and complain on 09/02/2018, reminder on 19/05/2018 and again reminder on 20/08/2018, I have requested to Grahak Surakshan and consumer forum in CC, FYI Please.

even they closed my unused 02 trips.

please we want full refund and harassment charges


My contacy details:
[email protected]

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