Refunding Un-issued Ticket

Location/place: Shimla

Name of company/service: HRTC

I booked online Volvo ticket to Shimla for a journey to be made on 17th may, on 16th May 2012.
Tkt ID: 20120516002795

I clicked on Print to get the ticket but i received an error message:
“We apologize, but your request could not be processed. Please try again. Click on Home to proceed.”

I did not receive any confirmation message… nor the ticket…
I decided to book my ticket from in the mean time as I thought that ticket was not confirmed…
I successfully booked my ticket with
Simultaneously my A/C was deducted with Rs.804 for the ticket that was not confirmed on

I mailed the authorities 5 times… However, an official did call back to confirm the matter the second time.
But, No action was taken.
I’m highly dissapointed.
No authority seems to take interest regarding the same.

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