Refund of Wait listed ticket

Location/place: Jammu

Name of company/service: Indian railways

I have already lodged complaint No. CC no. 339407 and W/CC/CCC/000003973 and was advised in Oct 2011 through telephone to contact Apellate authority of the Baroda House New Delhi.
As already intimated initially my claim for refund was rejected by saying ‘that passenger has travelled” which is a total lie on the part of the railways.After pursuing the case for six months the AGM churchgate Mumbai has rejected the claim by saying’since he failed to cancel claimed PNR within stiuplated time and hence the claim was regretted as per extant rule’ I had asked simple questions to answer……1. what was the stipulated time to cancel the claimed PNR, when two out of three tickets were confimred at the time of chart preparation….2. was not a TDR sufficient for claiming refund as the passenger had not travelled in the said train……3….was the pssenger supposed to travel to Mumbai in @AC without a seat/berth.
It may not be out of place to mention that IRCTC does not permit to cancel the ticket after chart preparation as there is a clear message that’ the ticket cannot be cancelled since chart is prepared. File TDR’.
If you are in a position to explain I would be highly thankful to close this chapter as the govt machinery is not ready to accept fault of their staff.
Rajinder Sadhu
[email protected]

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