Refund of ticket cost

Ticket no: TM7S90940509
Reference Number: 4519916
Issue Type: Ticket cancellation
Category: I am not able to cancel my ticket
Hi I have booked ticket for my brother in law from Bangalore to Visakhapatnam on 27 June 2018 at round 10:30 AM through the red bus website. And the travels name is Sri Krishna Travels.
After reading their cancellation policy
Time of Cancellation Deduction Percentage Cancellation Charges
Before 27th Jun 11:30 AM 10% ₹110
After 27th Jun 11:30 AM & Before 27th Jun 02:30 PM 50% ₹550
After 27th Jun 02:30 PM & Before 27th Jun 05:30 PM 100% ₹1100
Partial cancellation not allowed

I have booked the ticket. Due to some urgency my brother in low was not able to travel on the day. So I have called redbus customer care number at 12:30 PM on the same day and informed that I am not able to cancel the ticket.., and asked them to cancel my ticket. First a lady picked the call and told me that the ticket cannot be candled since because I have crossed their cancellation time as per the ticket they have sent to email. I have informed them that I am a user to the website and before booking the ticket I have read their cancellation process and the charges what they have mentioned during the time of booking the ticket. After lot of arguing I have asked her to pass to call to the her manager whom she reports and asked her to give her name and employee id , and she was not ready to give the information , again arguing with her she told that her name is “Renupriya”. And call got disconnected.
Again I called to the customer care, this time a person named “Srikanth” has picked the call and he replied the same thing. Again I have informed him that how the cancellation policy will be different..? he told me that they have forget the update their updated cancellation policy. I have told and informed him multiple times that before booking the ticket I have read the cancellation policy and then after only I have booked it. And the person is saying that I have to consider the policy what is there after booking the ticket .
After lot of discussion and argument they have registered a complaint at 1 PM and sent the below email

Thank you for writing to redBus. We have registered your query with below details. Please quote the Reference Number for any future correspondence regarding this query

Reference Number: 4519916
Issue Type: Ticket cancellation
Category: I am not able to cancel my ticket

We are working on the resolution and will come back to you shortly.
Warm regards
redBus Support team
And informed me that it will take 24 hours of time to resolve.
They have wasted lot of my time and other work was also stopped for me. But the result was none. As per their policy before the ticket booking they will refund me 50%, still nothing has happened.
And during the arguments I have asked the girl that is their voice recording system is there for better customer satisfaction and quality control, ,, she replied that they are not doing that if I want I have to record in my phone……., These peoples have no any idea how to guide the customer and give him proper suggestion ,,they simply make story.
This is what mentioned on the ticket which I have booked.
Partial Cancellation is NOT allowed for this ticket. Charges for complete ticket cancellation are mentioned below.
Cancellation time Cancellation charges
After11:40 AMon 27th Jun Rs. 1170.0
Between08:40 AMon 27th Jun-11:40 AMon 27th Jun Rs. 585.0
Till08:40 AMon 27th Jun Rs. 117.0

So I request to everyone who is reading this,, please plan properly and use good web services for booking the tickets.
Kindly take necessary action on my request and refund my money.

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