Location/place: Qr.No.1R-20, Sainik School Campus, Bhubaneswar

Name of company/service: Airtel

On 16 Jun 2012 Hrs wrongly I subscribe Rs.149/- to recharge my mobile No.9937046481 through my SBI internet facility. But my mistake is that instead of top up voucher recharge column , I subscribe GPRS culumn which my mobile has not such facilities. I requested the nodal officer over 9937449253 several times, please refund my amount which I have no use I have no GPRS facility. From time to time their communication differs. Yesterday morning one fellow attend the cell and replied within 20 Jun 2012 your money will be refunded but immediately one message will forwarded to you. But I waited upto afternoon for getting a message, till 1600 Hrs no message forwarded to you. Again I rang up the same number & asking that I have not received your message till now. The the nodal officer replied that only Rs.50/- will be refunded as per company rule. Then I replied how can it possible I have no GPRS facility why not full amount will not be refunded. Then Rs.100/- will be credited to your account as a special case. I also claim please refund full amount or whatever possible you can do. But I verified my account on 19 Jun 2012 but no money refunded to me.

Therefore, it is requested that please help me out why not the full amount i.e Rs149/- refunded to me. This is small amount. I also replied that if wrongly one person deposited more than one Lakh you will not refund to him. It not feasiable like a national company like Airtel. Please help me how can I get my amount back. Your kind co-operation and favourable action on the matter will be highly appreciated.

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