refund of fees

Location/place: new delhi

Name of company/service: animation institute


My cousin wants to file a case against a popular institute who had promised him to give a Bsc degree in animation, when he took admission in 2011 august. But now they offering BA in animation. they have converted the course & changed the university.
he has not been informed in any manner, in fact institute is ignoring his inquiry. classes are irregular & exams are carried out at odd intervals. there are lots of bad things which shadows all advantages of the institute.

now he believes he has taken a wrong decision to get admitted in this institute. Above all he has wasted his full year.
he is an outstation candidate and living here in Delhi without any guardian.

He is confused and tensed. stays mentally disturbed just because institute has no interest in student’s career.
he has no interest in pursuing this course now & wants to go back to his native place.
he wants the fee refund.
we want hon’ble consumer court to take this matter in hands, i appeal to forum to take this matter into consideration.
i would not like to quote the name of the institute & student’s name in first.

As i am a freelance journalist, i have a few knowledge of the education & related problems. i may appeal this matter in media also in future.

thanks & regards

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