Refund of fee

Location/place: DELHI

Name of company/service: Sehgal School of Competition

My son, KUNAL BABBAR, got admission in Sehgal School of Competition at Punjabi Bagh, Delhi, on 16th January, 2012. The part payment of total fee was deposited Rs. 26,472/- (Rupees twenty six thousand four hundred seventy two only) on 16.01.2012 and Rs. 500/- towards library fee. Total fee was deposited Rs. 26,972/- vide receipt No. 965 dated 16.01.2012.

The session was started from 14th April, 2012 and he attended only 12 classes, after that he did not attneded classes due to unavoidable circumstances. He attended on 12 classes in the institute. I requested to deduct relevant fee (as per principle) for 12 classes he attended and refund the balance.

But I got regrett saying that no refund is entertained in any circumstances.

I would request the authority to please look into the matter and do somethin in our favour please.

Hope to get favourable reply soon.

With best regards,

Mob. No. 9818486938

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