Refund of down payment

Location/place: Vishakhapatnam

Name of company/service: Lakshmi Hyundai

I booked a Hyundai EON car on 23 Jun 2012 and paid Rs 10000 as booking amount along with all documents for arranging Car loan. On 28 Jun 12 I paid Balance Rs 40303 as down payment. The company was arranging my car loan from SBI bank @ interest rate 11.25%. The company has promised me to deliver the car on 30 Jun 12. On 30 Jun when I went to take the delivery of car, I was inform that My loan was not getting approved from SBI bank and I should wait till 2 Jul 12. On 2nd Jul the company Rep informed me that my loan was not approved by SBI bank. Then I told them that They must return my down payment as I cannot make full payment.
The Hyundai rep told me that they would Deduct Rs 1000 as cancellation amount. Then I told them that they have promised to arrange loan and same is not being done. I still want to take the car but I have to cancel it as company is not able to arrange me loan so they must not deduct any cancellation amount. The company rep has agreed and forwarded my request ans asked to come after two days. However, since 4 Jul till 17 Jul I went daily but i did not get my money back. They kept telling me some reasons like Finance manager is on leave or audit in progress and kept asking me to come on a latter date. On 17 evening they told me that I would get my money as Demand draft after deducting Rs 2000 as cancellation charges. I told them that earlier they told me that only Rs 1000 will be deducted and for the same I am fighting so that the amount should not be deducted and now they are telling me that Rs 2000 will be deducted. What about my money which they are holding since 23 Jun and what about my inconvenience as I am coming everyday to get back my money. This is creating a lot of trouble for me and I am being cheated by the company by getting false promises.

I further told them that at least they must give me my full refund if at all they are not paying interest for the period they have not refunded my money.

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