refund of deposit on cancellation of tour in oct.2011

Location/place: SR.TOA(G) O/O GMTD -BSNL,Pilaji gunj,Sanchar Bhavan.MEHSANA 384001

Name of company/service: The Nutan Travel,Krishana COMPLEX.stadium road CG Road Ahmedabad 380006

FROM: Prajapati Babubhai Harjivandas
New sanchar Bhavan.Pilaji gunj.Mehsana 384001

TO : The Chairman.

Sub: Permission to consider disposal of refund case through CDRF Mehsana.
Respected sir,
With due respect, I may kindly permitted to approach your kind honour to consider my matter details shown as under for its disposal at your level for grave of justice please.
Sir, I am working as clerk at GMTD- BSNL .Mehsana and on Diwali I was proposed to avail the LTC for the current block and on advisements I have contacted The Nutan Travels Ahmedabad to avail same LTC from Mehsana to Andaman Nicobar Ex. Chennai at RS.18975/- and as his SMS ON DTD.3/9/2011 , I have credited Rs.20,000 at ICICI bank Mehsana on 3/9/2011 being advance for 4 tickets on phonic demand under his a/c no.018905004594.
But on dtd.5.9.2011, due to change of policy, The LTC to BSNL staff is withdrawal, and accordingly I have intimated and issued FAX to Nutan Travel Ahmedabad on 5.9.2011 to cancelled the my and family tour from 28/19/2011 and refund of RS. 20,000 /- at very early date.
But the The Nutan Travel Ahmedabad has refunded me RS. 12,000 instead of Rs.20,000 paid by me on 3/9/2011 and canceled on 5/9/2011 without any reasons, but while on phonic talk
The party has not cared further. Resulted, I the Govt. official has to loss of RS. 8000/- in 3 days and no any expenditure was incurred by the party short time also the tour also was proposed on 28/10/2011 only even failed to submit the details of deduction of such amount in the case.
In view of above, I may kindly be granted the award through CDRF Mehsana for payment of RS. 8000/- with due interest from Nutan Travel. ,Ahmedabad by consideration of fact at your level and oblige sir,

The details of are as under:
Postal address: BSNL Mktg. O/O GMTD Mehsana
Pilaji gunj .Sanchar Bhavan . Mehsana-384001
Pmtt; address: A+2, Trirupati town ship Bungalows, Radhanpupr road .Mehsana
Phone: 94293190007
Complaint: Non refund of deposit of RS.8000/- for booking and cancellation with 3 days for tour to started from28/10/2011 on Due to cancellation of LTC Policy to BSNL Employees on 5.10.2011.
Name of party and address :
Nutan Travels,Karisama complex. Stadium circle ,CG ROAD.Ahmedabad. 380 009
Phone: 079 26562322/24

The document is enclosed here with for your kind reference and guidance please.

Thanking you sir,

Dtd. Meh the 15/11/2011

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