Refund of cancellation

Location/place: bangalore

Name of company/service: Sterling holiays

Hi team,

I had applied for a white season plan on 18th May, 2012 and due to some
personal reason I would like to cancel my membership with immediate effect.

I am sure the kind of swiftness you have shown to make me the member wherein
with 10 minutes of giving my application and debit note for Rs102853/- my credit
card was debited. My application no is .2594

I am sure you will show the same swiftness in cancelling the membership and
refund my amount for Rs 102853/=.

I would like to see how gracefully and swiftly you will cancel the membership
and refund the money…..this will show the true worth of an organisation.

I am instructing my HDFC bank not to debit my credit card account for the 12

My details are as below

sanjay negi
date of birth – 25th July, 1971
Application no. – 2594
Amount paid – Rs 102853
Plan – White season

Look forward for earliest refund….

I am seeing a complete silence from you guys….on the hindsight I think it was right decision to cancel the membership.

The quality of the organisation shows on the separation rather than on making a new member. How gracefully a organisation handles the separation/cancellation shows the real charatcter of the organsition and people running the organisation.

I was made member within 16 minutes of my credit card information being shared with you and now…when i ask for cancellation..its SILENCE.

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