Refund of amount deposited in Sahara Q Shop Unique Products Range Limited

We reference to the subject cited above, I have invested my father retirement amount in Sahara India Pariwar in the scheme of Sahara India Real Estate Corporation Limited (Abode Bond) in the name of my family members for an amount of Rs. 10,73,000/- in multiples of triple and five times in the Service Center: Kothagudem (1366), Sector:Khammam (District) and Region: Hanamkonda

Later in the year 2012, at the time of Sahara Issues, agent said the bonds are converting into another bonds to get more amount at the time of maturity and they converted the Abode Bonds to Sahara Q Shop Unique Products Range Limited (Q Shop Plan-H) of Rs. 14,20,250/- and after that I went to branch to apply for maturity amount the service center manager refused to take the application of maturity and he says that maturity amount is not coming in time and it is delay by 6 months. Repeatedly I visited the branch but they are refusing, I have invested huge amount for my two daughter’s marriage. When I contacted SEBI help line centers they said to contact MCA, i contacted MCA they said that log a complaint in police station and cbi.
Sl.No. Name of the Investor Date of Deposit Amount No of bonds
01. K.Saraswathi, Mother 09-09-2009 Rs. 3,54,150/- 17
02. K.Saritha, Wife 10-09-2009 Rs. 3,96,600/- 19
03. T.Swetha, Sister 11-02-2010 Rs. 1,39,400/- 7
04. K.Ramesh Babu, Self 15-03-2011 Rs. 5,30,100/- 30
Total Rs.14,20,250/-
Do the needful to refund the amount.

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