Refund of air fare from Makemytrip and kingfisher airline.

Location/place: Worli-Mumbai

Name of company/service: Makemytrip and kingfisher airline

Dear Sir,
Please refer my makemytrip booking ID No. NF 2514018123928. I have made booking for IT-338 kingfisher airline from Delhi to Mumbai on 03.06.12. When i booked the ticket the STD time of flight was 22.30. I have stucked in the traffic and came late to airport at 22.13, at the moment in the flight status display screen at aiport it was showing check-in then immediately i went to kingfisher airline booking counter to collect the hard copy of my ETKT but executive Mr. Anapurna Singh refused to give me ETKT saying that flight checking is closed even she was not bothered to check current status of flight while i said that in flight status display screen it is showing check-in in fact she said me what was showing in flight status display screen is not correct and misbehaved to me. Finally after some time i have called to makemytrip customer care executive to cancel may ETKT for refunding the amount. Thereafter while i was coming out to airport i saw again in the flight status display screen that flight ETD was 23.30 and again i went to booking counter and told all this thing to her but once again she replied my very rudely, in between her manager to come out and personally checked out the things and found that flight time was revised yesterday which was neither informed to me by airline and makemytrip. However he was ready to allow me next day morning flight provided that cancelled PNR (GWZMFF) to be re-validate by Makemytrip and i have again called to makemy trip customer care executive and requested him to do the same but he didn’t do it and said i have to do re-booking and get stamped document from airline then we will refund your entire amount and i did the same and requested them to kindly arrange to refund my entire amount.
Beside the above i had stayed whole night in the airport and paid extra for new booking from Delhi to Mumbai.

I request you please do the needful.


Narendra Kumar

Narendra Kumar

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