Location/place: Chandigarh

Name of company/service: AIRTEL

Well,one of my friend has a BB and has been a loyal customer with you since the past NINE YEARS. I used to do online recharge with him through my CITIBANK ACCOUNT always. But someone suggested to us that try from AIRTEL PORTAL as its equally secure. So i did an online recharge on 1st APRIL.The recharge did not show up in his account but my bank history generated an ID and showed the amount being transferred. There was a top-up of 33 rupees and recharge of 500 rupees. We called the customer service next day and waited for a day hoping that it might reflect in 4-6 hours.The rep from customer service was all blank,didn`t knew what to say and we were expecting that. We waited for a day,and had also send a complaint from your portal and there was no response to that.We called again and this time a rep was able to access the TRANSACTION ID`s for both of the recharges and promised the amount will be refunded in 7 days. Even still,there is no refund or no one ever contacted us.When it comes to promotion or paying bills,even late by a day;you guys keep on calling day in and day out. But if there is a customer who has given his trust of NINE YEARS to you,no one cares.Just let me know if you need the ID`s for those transactions or need the number for my friend.

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