Location/place: Chennai

Name of company/service: Reliance Communication

User ID: 373691813271
I have used the Reliance Broadband service in a quaterly plan (3months term). I have paid my bill upto December 22nd, 2012. I’m not satisfied with the service so I have given the cancellation request on 7th of December. But they did not cancelled the service untill Jan 15. I have called to customer service regarding the cancellation. I have not used the service after 4th of December.

This is not my mistake since they have not terminate the service.

They have to give me the refund for not using the service. And their representative from customer service said that you’ll receive a refund witin 60 days. Alco I received a mail from Reliance communication stating that ” The rental of your service will be stopped from 12/12/2012″
Today I’ve called to customer service regarding my refund, they said I need to pay bill amount of INR.635 upto January 15.

They have given a false statement to the customers and when i asked they said you’ll receive a notice from the court for not paying my bill which i did not used.

I need my refund amount and the compensation for bad customer service

Baskar M.

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  1. 9 years ago

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