Refrigarator Faulty

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Godrej

We had purchased Godrej Refrigarator in Sep 2011. The fridge stopped working on 20th April2012 hence we informed Vijay Sales from where we purchased the fridge but they did not bothered to look into the issue. After several follow ups they send Godrej guy to check & he said the compressor is faulty and needs a change. Within6-7 months how can a compressor fail. Now again the fridge is not working since 21st June2012. In spite of several follow ups they send one person on 23rd June to check and said some part of the fridge is not working.He did not bother to inform us which part of fridge is not working. We suspect that we have been delivered a faulty peiece.Hence need a replacement. But they do not bother to look into it. Hence I request you to look into it asap.

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