Rediff Shopping Big Fraudulent

Location/place: Rohtak, Haryana

Name of company/service: Rediff Shopping

I am very pissed off over my purchase of a sleeping eye mask which i bought from rediff.

The product offered is named as under:
“Design Go NightShade eye mask for a peacefull sleep”

They offer it in Rs. 165 plus Rs. 50 for shipping, hence costing Rs. 215 all in all. But when i ordered it, they charged me Rs. 265. When i got sms from them to keep Rs. 265 ready, i sent a mail on their customercare mail_id to cancel the order. Next day I checked the status of my order on bluedart (shipping agency) website, which had shown “Delayed/Cancelled”. Even then, 2 days later, the product reached me and i had to pay unwantingly.

When i checked to see it, it was some other mask from some chinese brand which i never wanted. They are big fraud. Beware of byuing from them.

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