Redbus/Bus operator didn’t pick me up and also didn’t returned my company

Dear Team,

I am writing this to you with good faith that you will be able to provide me some return of my whole ticket amount ( 2303). The incident happen yesterday due to which i couldn’t able to travel to Murdeshwar , This issue have two aspects actually. Let me know for more details and clarification .

Ticket no: TM9S28239555
PNR no: 15153008181517
1) pick up issue and
2) communication issue.

I was 15 mins late due to heavy traffic and the events sequence are as follows .

8:30 PM i was in Silk board crossing and just cross the silkboard . Bus driver told me to come to jayanagar 4th block. My actual pick up point was jayanagar 9th block ( schedule time was 8:45 PM) opposite side of JP Nagar Central.

Now driver/Conductor was not able to tell me what is the landmark in jayanagar 4th block , they confirmed me on RV dental college which is in JP Nagar and near by to actual pick up point Jayanagar 9th block. i reached RV Dental college around 9:05 PM.

time 9:10 PM: I didn’t see the bus ( KA 51 AB 1957) and again call them, they told me again to come down jayanagr 4th block RV college. I was in UBER and there are 3 different institute as same name RV college ,RV management college, RV technical like that , i select RV management college and started for jayanagar 4th block.

9:15 PM : I called them again to understand location, they told me to come down Gandhinagar pick up point. Now without any proper landmark. I gave up the hope to catch the bus near Tilak Nagar and came back to home. time 9:20 pm.

This all incident was very frustrating due to rude communication from bus operator and i am sure they are not truthful about pick up point and other events.

1) how come they travel all the way from JP nagar central to jayanagar and gandhi nagar while we were in a small car was stuck in traffic around same place. and the total time was from 8:45 pm to 9:15 pm. jayanagr 4th block and around area is a crowded market place and managed by one way route.
2) JP nagar central area was narrowed down by metro rail work and they are saying they picked up all the passenger from there and left on time.
3) our Uber was there near actual pick up point exactly 8:55 pm in east end circle. I was barely 10/15 mins late for them and they could manage the situation easily by calling us in a correct place with exact time. None of them were ready to tell the detail land mark of bus after 8:45 PM. this point is very painful.

Bus driver details: Sandeep : 9380784883 , 9481138104
Office person and number: 080-4098 5715—this person was shouting all the time and very rude.

I doubt how this bus and operator has rating “4” in Redbus and that also bring the reputation of Redbus under scanner. I am travelling since 2012 and never face such thing, I was late earlier couple of time but it was sorted out by proper instruction from bus operator.
I want remediation of this harassment.


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