Reconstruction of 100 years old building

Location/place: mumbai

Name of company/service: Reconstruction

Dear Sir,

We are from Batliwala Chawl are staying in a very bad state. Any time the building might collapse and lead to death of a persons residing here and water or toilet facility. We have informed to landlord to take action but he is concerned only about the rent but no other improvement or action taken place. We have informed to municipality also but nobody has come over to see the building. We request you to kindly interrogate the building state, water and toilet facility facing my the chawl and the building people even front and back side of the building. Kindly take immedate action before any person dead / damage to the residential property of the batliwala person residing over. We ourselves don’t know when the chawl will collapse. our address is as follows: BATLIWALA CHAWL / BUILDING, S.K.BOLE ROAD, DADAR WEST, NEAR PORTUGUESE CHURCH, MUMBAI – 400 028. REGARDS BATLIWALA CHAWL PEOPLE.

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