Reckless behavour of Executives

Location/place: Hyderabad

Name of company/service: Vodafone India

I am Vamshi, Ph:7416134537,

Unfortunately I am a Vodafone consumer. I took a vodafone postpaid sim 15 days back. When I put vodafone sim in my mobile phone, automatically my phone is restarting contineously so, I contacted vodafone customer support team and they suggested me to visit vodafone store and take another sim card. On 14-Jul-2012 at 10:00 am I went to Vodafone store which is in secundrabad opposite to clocktower and I submitted all my proofs and took new sim card. They told me that new sim card will be active with in 2-3 hours. I waited all the day then I called vodafone customer care again. They said that they did not received any request regarding my problem from the vodafone store. Even Today i.e. on 16-Jul-2012 my problem is not resolved. I called Vodafone customer service again and they replied the same thing that they did not received the complaint or request from the vodafone store and they cannot activate my new sim card (I gave them new simcard number also). Literally because of vodafone service My phone is off for most of the time and taking vodafone service has become problem for me. More over the sarcastic explanations of vodafone complaints department executives. I called vodafone complaints department to complaint on vodafone store which I have visited. Strangely he is not ready ready to take a complaint and he suggesting me to go to vodafone store (where I went previously) and call complaints department from my phone and give it to one of the executives of vodafone store, What these guys think am a consumer or a mediator between customer service and vodafone store? The person who asked me to do so is Vishwanath and call refID: 357273268.

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