Recharge not credited for MTS Mblaze Data Card

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: MTS Data Services

I bought my MTS data
> card in Kolkata, Jadavpur area from a retail store selling entire
> range of data cards on a pre-paid plan. While I am mostly using the
> data card in Bangalore (my work place) I was told that recharging the
> data card from almost anywhere in India should not be a problem. I
> have been using the data card in Bangalore for the last couple of
> months during which I was able to successfully recharge the card twice
> for Rs 999 plan with little or no difficulty.
> However when I recharged my data card for the third consecutive time
> yesterday June 7, 2012 at aroung 9:40 am in Bangalore from a retailer
> I did not get the credit of the same in my account. I checked with the
> retailer and he in turn checked with the MTS helpline at 455 and both
> confirmed that the recharge has happened successfully. While I was
> still unable to use the data card I called the customer care in
> Kolkata at 9153955955 and was told that my account has not been
> recharged.
> I have called up both Karnataka customer care and Kolkata customer
> care for more than 5 times now during the day and received the same
> response. I have visitited the nearest MTS store also in BTM Layout
> Bangalore and requested the store manager to speak to the MTS helpline
> at 455 and also requested him to speak to both the customer cares. As
> expected he also got the same response and was visibly frustrated.
> I fail to understand that while the MTS customer care and dealer
> helpline in Karnataka along with the retailer is confirming that the
> account has been recharged the same MTS customer care in Kolkata is
> confirming that it has not been recharged. And as a bottom line of the
> problem I am not only facing a horrible situation with my access to
> internet, my payment of Rs 999 is also appears to be wasted for some
> technical glitch in your systems which obviously the customer care
> executive (EXPERT as you call them) is not able to resolve. Rare
> anomaly, but unfortunately the frustration does raise serious concern
> on your service capability.
> I had registered my complain with Kolkata customer care vide complain
> no C1247723536 and was promised that the problem will be resolved
> before 2 pm tomorrow.
> While I wait anxiously for a resolution of this problem, would also
> like to bring to your notice that your customer care is repeatedly
> asking for the tran id of my recharge last night, while the store
> manager in MTS Store BTM layout himself confirmed that they do not get
> any such tran id for the easy recharge they do from their mobile.
> Again a contradiction of statements! I have tried to get a tran id
> from the retailer, however was confirmed that no such tran id is
> available! All I have is a forwarded message from the retailer
> confirming that the request for recharge to my MDN no 9143943149 has
> been succesfully submitted. The retailer MTS mobile no is 9141054898.

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