Recharge failed and amount deducted from account

Location/place: Chandigarh

Name of company/service: Reliance prepaid

My phone number is 7814685424.
I recharged my phone number with 19 rs. yesterday from ngpay.It’s an online service.
after recharge, I got the message from ngpay that transaction successful. ngpay transaction Id is NGPAY1168245520. and operator transaction id is 6321402314.
I have called ngpay and they have said that transaction is successful and you need to give transaction id to reliance and get the balance.
I called yesterday but there was some technical problem they would say in reliance. So I called them today and response was pathetic. 198 Care would day call *355 and they would say call *333.
And after calling *333. an executive started arguing with me that she would not file complaint because it’s not showing on her computer. What a shame. I called again and this time another girl would say she is transferring call to senior.and put me hold for good 3 minutes.and after that I heard sound of picking up and call get disconnected.such it’s poor service from Reliance.
I want help in issue.

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  1. 8 years ago

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