Receiving bills post deactivation

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: Tata Photon plus


I have been thoroughly harassed regarding photon+ connectivity since Jan 2011; post June 2011 the performance of the device has gone down drastically. One person came to my house regarding the due bill payment on Sept 2011 to whom I clearly mentioned (quite a number of times) that i want to discontinue the connection (which was inactive at that point of time). I have cleared off the bills in Oct 2011 at Tata outlet at City Centre 1, Saltlake where in I also mentioned to deactivate the connection; the person on the other side informed me that the connection would get deactivated automatically.

As of date I have received 2 bills post deactivation of the services; how did the connection got active is still unknown to me; I also fail to understand why should I pay off Rs 589/- when I have not used the device to a single machine over last 5 months.

I am yet to receive any response on behalf of TATA photon team as of date inspite of making several complains and putting mails on the same.

My Photon Plus number is : 9239550886

Atriman Das
Mobile: +91-9836280096.

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