Reapir of HCL Me TAb not done under warranty

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: HCL

Dear Sir,Had purchase a HCL ME tab on May 5th 2012. The power on/off switch is not working. Took it to the goregaon Service centre of HCL on Sat 7th July,2012 .Met up with the service engineer Mr Dilip who stated it was a physical damage and that i have to pay for it . If I have a warranty why should i pay for it. I purchased the tab for Rs 7,500/- and the cost for the repair is 4,000/-. They are just trying to make money from their customers .I have been chasing them for last 5 days on the status but no one bothered. Today they have called. My tab is just 2 months old. spoke to the call centre executives at Delhi Mr Tapas,Ms swetha.Ms Divya,Ms Priyanka and My satyam and they all insist that i have to pay for it.Even the service incharge Mr Milind at Goregaon HCl sercive centre was very rude. He feels he is doing a favour on the customer. Would require your immediate intimation in this issue and have my problem solved. My tab is still lying with the service centre at gorgaon.My complaint reference no is 047120252. The goregaon service centre no is Mr Milind 9867128880
Below is the email sent o HCL On 8th July,2012 as requested by the HCl Executive Ms Swetha

8th July,2012
To Whomsover it may concern

I had purchsed the Me tab on May 5th ,2012 at Doha Qatar. The on/ff switch is not working .Had been to your service cenntre at Goregaon after logging a acomplaint .The complaint reference no for the same is 047120252. Had met the service engineer Dilip at the gorgaon service centre. The first reaction of his was that it is a physical damage and the tab has been opened. I tried to explain to him since the on/off button was not coming on my brother to whom i gifted the tab just attempted to open it but has not been opened for which the service engineer is aware because he opend it in front of me and the seal was intact. The next reaction of his was that it cannot be repared under warranty and the entire board has to be changed for which the cost will be Rs 4000/-. I was stunned .I fail to understand if a particular part is not working that part can be repalced not the enitre board. Is he trying to extra money from the customer.And why should i pay for it when it is under warrant.Just 2months since i purchased the same We are also educated and have some knowledge. the tab cost me 499 riyal whcih comes to Indian Rupees 7000/- Indian rupees. So if i pay Rs 4000/- for repairs does it makes sence. After visiting the service engineer I called the call centre and spoke to Ms Swetha and explained the same to her.And she in turn told me to drop a detail mail on the same. So when the service engineer called me last evening to tell me it cannot be done under warrant.I informed him that i have spoke to HCL and they have asked me to drop a mail. On top he says if i get a approval form HCL i will do it. I want the repair to be done under warrant and will not pay anything for the same failing to do so i will take the matter to consumer court. Because I has a customer is honest and still states that i have not opened the same. I use HCL computer at my workplace and HCl Labtop at home and have never faced a problem .I always felt you’ll were the best. But today my experiece of the tab is changing my opinion about you’ll. I hope this mail best explain the same. Just sopke to your exceutive Mr Tapas he has requested me to resend the mail.My Tab is still at the service centre goregaon .Please would expect an immdedite solution to this.

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