Location/place: Palam Vihar Gurgaon

Name of company/service: BSNL

my name is malay and i had applied for a broadband connection in BSNL(palam Vihar)
exchange and when i went for the first time in exchange the employee of bsnl told me that appy today we will provide you the connection next day but the story keeps on adding new things ,everyday i used to go 4 times daily in bsnl exchange ,and for requesting the employees ,in the bsnl office there is the shortage of employee ,and in my consent one week back a junior Engineer come here on deputation and a in charge ,when i shared the entire story with him he told that it will take 3 more days and he was saying this is the goverment company ,and he start behaving like a king of a certain territory he and his subordinates start saying that if i will
become angry i will not provide you the connection and it will take 2 months and you cannot do anything ,i am really fed-up by there behaviour ,they all are corrupted directly they are saying “kharcha pani to dena padega apko ” his name is banwali and many others are there,they all are the obstacle in the success of india ,one side anna hazzare is fighting for a good nation and on the other hand these cheep people and selling there soul for few amount of money ,If consumer forum can hear my voice and if the members of this governing body are dispirit to eradicate
the corrupt people who are becoming hurdle in the success of india .thanks a lot

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  1. 8 years ago

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