puts 110 cord in 220 outlet blows printer

Location/place: mumbai

Name of company/service: Sonysystems Sunil Khanna mumbai

Submitted by: Vinaya Saijwani
Category: Electronics & Gadgets
Complaint against: Sony Systems
Complaint Number: 19361
Amount loss/claim: Rs. 20,000
Topics: Sony
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Mr sunil khanna, the owner, sent a worker who plugged my 110 us power cord into an 220 outlet. He then took my machine and I had to chase him for a month from 4/18 to 5/18 to find out what was going on. He either DID not return calls or was evasive. After I threatened to file a police complaint he claimed it was ready but would not tell me from where he had obtained the replaced part-I do not believe he has put in a genuine part. He then had it delivered, minus my original 110 power cord, which he will not return. He sent a 250 watt converter for a 540 watt printer. The light kept blinking and the machine heated up. Mr khanna and his men do not even know what is a wattage. I had to find out the wattage from the internet search. When I told him the wattage converter was no good, he again stopped answering. Essentially I have lost a good machine. I would not do business with this person again and would recommend others avoid this business based on my experience. Also the name is misleading what does he have to do with sony?

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