Purchase a combo of shoes pair, which is bronken within 3 month, STAR CJ is not listening my problem

Location/place: 43-C, Pocket-A-2, Mayur Vihar -3, Near Bank of Baroda, Delhi-110096

Name of company/service: MNM Trading Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Franchisee of STAR CJ Network India Pvt Ltd, Village-Sampka-Jamalpur, Pataudi Road, Tehsil-Pataudi-Gurgaon, Haryana-123503, telephone no.0124-2012582, Delhi office-011-44074407

I had purchased a pair of shoes under combo offer vide bill no. 201203250190 dated 25.3.2012, order no. 20120325024934,

the pair of shoes consist of one pair Reebok, and paid Admiral fromal shoes- the sole of the admiral formal shoes is broken and the flaps fitted inside are also removing and the shoes is not wearable at all,
When I approached to STARCJ, they are not ready to listen and saying it is not covered under warranty. But at the time of purchase the same was not communicated to me neither in writing not verbal.

As per the general practice, in case of shoes, atleast 6 months warranty is given by the manufacturer,

I request you to please help me out.

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