Public Harrasment towards 3 ladies

Location/place: Pune

Name of company/service: Pradnya Laundry

On Wednesday, 6th June, I gave 2 shirts and a pair of trousers to Pradnya Laundry, Pimple Saudagar. I needed the clothes on 7th as I had my interview. I asked the owner of the Laundry if he would give me the clothes by 7th morning. He asked me to come and collect the clothes at 8:00 AM on 7th. When I went to collect my clothes, I found that the laundry was closed. I called at the number on the receipt and it was not reachable. I tried to enquire in the surroundings but couldn’t find any help. I was in deep trouble as I had to appear for my interview. Due to this negligence of the laundry owner I had to go through a lot of stress as I was attending the most important interview of my life. A day later when I went to collect my clothes, I asked him why he didn’t tell me that the shop would be closed on 7th. He said its mentioned on the receipt that it is closed on Thursday. However, the receipt is in Marathi and I could not follow what was written. I had just believed what he had promised the previous day. When I questioned him on why he didn’t tell me, he started abusing me, using extremely offensive language. His behavior was so rude and loud that people gathered in huge numbers. However, I feel very sorry that I live in a place where people have no respect towards women and were just enjoying the abuse being hurled at me. No one came to my rescue and I was left in shame and embarrassment. Before the verbal abuse would turn to physical abuse I found it appropriate to leave the place. After the torment lasted, I now wish to seek some kind of justice to the misconduct I was met with. I believe there are laws in place which demand a business owner to behave in certain standards with the customers especially a lady.
I seek your help and guidance in dealing with this situation.
Looking forward to a response.

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