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Location/place: Hyderabad

Name of company/service: IntelliGroup

While recruting the peeple they will tell like anything.After joining in Intelli it was different.Recently one incident happend in Intelli,they sent nearly 24 people on sabatic releving without any salary and told like you can try yourself outside if you get offer we will relieve on that date.But Later seen was changed suddenly they got the Businees from SONY in Bangalore and Noida (for Other company).some people are not intersted to go there.for those people they scared like anything and inforimg like we will terminate you if u r not u dont hav any option.Some people submit their resignations as they said earlier.This time intelli people tell like we are terminating you.

What iam asking you is people are not interested to go to bangalore or noida companies will terminate the people is there any policy like that in Software companies,Later I ‘ll submit full details .Please take the action on this company as soon as possible

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