Promise of salary regarding contractual Job never recieved.

I was recently looking for a job on OLX and Quickr and after applying for a few, I got a call regarding a typing job from pdf to word document. The call was done from Typing Solutions and they send me details after taking my email address. The job was to type a pdf file’s content to a word document and the salary of one assignment was ₹9500 but first I had to pay ₹550 to get the agreement. I paid that amount and started working. Before the actual assignment, I asked them for a short example to see if I can do the job or not and they gave me a dummy short assignment which I completed and they said it was fine.

When I completed the actual real assignment, they said that I have to further pay ₹3000 to send the file for checking because it was a new rule that was applied the day I rolled in for the job. I could only pay 1500 at the time and they said it’s okay. But after paying the half amount they told me my file had many mistakes in it. 40% errors and is rejected to get salary. Although I was not informed about this earlier. Then they asked the other ₹1500 and said If I paid that the corrections would be mended and I will recieve my full salary. Anyhow, I paid the remaining 1500 and they said that the correction is not getting accepted. I asked them how is it possible and I got no answer back. The staff, mainly one person by the name of shaziaa started talking rudely and said your refund would take a week to get processed. I was already skeptical so I told them I wanted my refund the same day for which they said “It can’t be done. Do whatever you want” and abruptly cut the call. I have recordings of the calls and the screenshots of amount paid and emails. Please revert back as soon as possible.

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