Product not delivered and Money also not refunded

Location/place: Visakhapatnam

Name of company/service: Snapdeal

I bought a Apricoat nonstick order no 1124450266,set for Rs 499, but neither the item is delivered yet nor the money refunded to me. i have sent them many e-mails. I spoke to their customer care many times. now they all recognize me, and disregard my phone. if at all they attend my phone they engage for 15-20 minutes. but till now they could not give me any solution, i spoke to mr Abhisek, Ms Minakshi they spoke to senior, and assured me that money will be returened soon and by monday i will get notification. Nothing is done on following til now regarding my email dated 30 Jul(I HAVE PLACED ORDER ON 23 JUL 13. I HAVE NOT RECEIVED THE SAME YET. THE ORDER NO IS – 1124450266, PLEASE DO THE NEEDFUL. HOW MANY DAYS ARE REQUIRED TO DELIVER THE SAM ) Complaint Number: 2680776

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