Product Not Delivered

Hi Team,

I am frustrated the order is not getting delivered. They are just making go round and round. As they have promised to deliver the product in 24 hrs the product was not delivered. Have called multiple times to them and they have always mention EOD will deliver. I have been chasing 3 days no help. Spoke to Arshad in morning he also promised to deliver it by EOD and it was not deliver spoke to escalation Desk Shyam and he mentioned that the guy has lied in morning on call he accepted agents making me chase. Have mentioned he cant do anything and have said if you dont get product will refund the amount to bank working days as 10-12. My money is stuck and the person mentioned cant contact his delivery team. What the hell paid for the annual fees for 24hrs delivery . Amazon is just looting the people taking there money and filling there pockets. And no one helped me to get my product.ORDER # 404-5520695-8977168

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