Process took 6 days and charged huge amount money which is not needed.

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: eTechies

My name is Aditi.I have a lenovo laptop.It has a broken hinge.So I have given my laptop to etechies.They said it will take 5-7 days.I told the service representative that i need it to be done by 2-3 days maximum and the person told that they are gonna do that by that time.But in mail they wrote 6-7 days repair time again.Now after 6 days they are telling I need to pay additional Rs 1900 for the parts where as other service companies are asking Rs 1500 for the parts and service charge.Here I had to pay Rs 1900 and Rs 1150.Other than that they have taken so much time which I had not agreed.Now when I came to know they will take 6-7 days and I asked my laptop back they said they can give it back but money they will not give back.They are totally misleading customer.Their representative speak something to get the order and they communicate something else and when after that you want to take back your order your money is gone.I feel this is unethical.I want you people to take serious action against them for misleading customers.

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