problems of tenants

Location/place: vadodara

I from the behalf of all tenants filing complain against houseowners.this 11month agreement is very much misused bythem and they all doing dadagiri.Either they increased the rent by 1000.00 or 500.00 or asked to vacant the house.also they didn’t renew the new amount and let the old amount of rent in the agreement.and in many cases they are charging the tax of their property from’s a very harassing thing as we can’t get the house without broker and we have to give him his amount and then we have to pay rent of two months as deposit. we can’t survive in this inflation as there are other charges also-electricity bill,water tax.our goods and furniture also gets spoil also due to shifting and our child also gets disturbed in studies,we have to face problems for gas connections,to open newbank account,and mostly in everything as the owners didn’t give us the copy of agreement.and they behave us as if we are untouchables. They are just like feudal lords duringbritish time. they are just increasing the amount of rent and also if they are living upstairs then they used to throw garbages,will create problems to make us suffer this way and other.In our country everybody has not sufficient income.mostly are middle class and they can’t buy homes.but there are so many people who have more than 1 or 2 houses.when we all will get ROTI.Kapada,And Makan in our country. when we are paying taxes equally then why we are notgetting facilities? why brokers are emerging everywhere and making the price of everything high.My suggestion is that the validity of agreement should be increased.

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